(Solved): Compare and Contrast Essay


(Solved): Compare and Contrast Essay

The essay should be in APA Style. One page for outline. References page in APA style. Mode: Compare and contrast essay. Subject Area: Feel free to choose your subject. A prior consultation of your thesis is recommended. Prompt: A compare and contrast essay examines two or more topics (objects, brands, people, or ideas, etc…), comparing their similarities and contrasting their differences. Format: You may apply Point-by Point Method or Block Method (the methods are explained in a separate handout). Research & Documentation • First approach of documentation: Minimum of 3 electronic sources of information (no Wikipedia, dictionaries,,,, etc.) needed especially for the introduction, facts, backing, & rebuttal paragraphs. This approach must result in having 3-5 in-text citations, at least. • Second approach of documentation: You may cite from an interview that you may conduct with a specialist of the topic that you chose or even a friend, it depends on your topic. Your essay should include more of your own ideas that you compare them with the interviewee’s ideas. This approach must result in having 3-5 in-text citations, at least. Note: Having explained these approaches, you may use both as long as you back up your essays with 3-5 in-text citations. Turn in: • Cover page. • Outline of body paragraphs (include the claim and label page “Outline”). • 5 paragraphs (at least) with subheadings. Please use topic sentences and correct form of introducing in-text citations. (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman). • You must include one of the following types of figures (Charts, graphs, tables, photos). • References page in APA style. • If you are going to have an interview, please include the transcription of your interview as an appendix. The Evaluation Process: • On 4/5: Bring your first draft that includes all the assignment requirements described above to the class. (you’ll earn: 25 points). Also, on the same day, we’ll be having a peer review session. Using a questioner that I’ll provide, you’ll review your partner’s paper format, in class. (you’ll earn: 25 points). • You’ll take your paper back home to revise your paper and make any necessary changes. (you’ll lose %50 of your draft paper grade if you don’t do the peer review in class). • On 4/12, submit your revised paper (a hard copy & electronic version via Bb, too). (Possible points: 100).

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