(Solved): Comparative Essay


(Solved): Comparative Essay

Choose one element from Shakespeare’s The Tempest–for example, a character, passage, scene, or theme–and compare it with a primary source that reimagines the original play. Then make an argument that responds to the following research questions: In what ways does the reimagined text you have chosen a challenge, reinforce, or extend the original; and what impact do those changes have? Why are those changes important? Though you are limiting your comparison to one element–such as a character or a passage–you will nevertheless make multiple points of comparison. The articulation of those points should take minimal space, as it serves only to present evidence, much as your description of a painting at the outset of a visual analysis offers the context you need to develop your argument. Rather, your primary purpose is to demonstrate how those points shift the meaning of the original. To do so, you should assume that the reimagined text would not be as meaningful, or even possible, without our knowledge of the original play. You will be required to integrate two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles into your essay. Those articles, as well as the reimagined text you compare to The Tempest, should be chosen by you. This essay should be between 6-7 pages

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