(Solved): Community park


(Solved): Community park

The first paper is a short reflection on an experience involving a class activity. The Reflection Paper must be at least two pages in length, double-spaced, normal 1 inch margins, and 11 or 12 point type in an easy-to-read font (e.g. Calibri, Arial, Cambria or Times New Roman) A final possibility for the reflection paper is one that can be done on your own, at a time that is convenient for you. Go to the park of your choice. It can be a national park, a state park, or just a small community park. Spend a couple hours enjoying the park’s atmosphere. Before leaving, spend at least 20 minutes picking up any litter that you find on the ground, and deposit it in a proper trash receptacle. (You might want to bring work gloves.) While cleaning up the park, note any reactions that you get for your efforts by other park visitors. Does anyone ask what you are doing? Does anyone offer to help? Does anyone disparage your efforts? In your reflection paper, include the name and location of the park. Also, describe the park. Are there recreational facilities? Are there areas for sports events? Does it have a playground? Are there areas that are left in a more natural state? Are there many people visiting the park? You may also include a history of the park. Reflect on your experience at the park. Do you think parks are worthwhile, or could that real estate be put to better use? What does the park mean to you? Finally, describe the reactions you observed from others to your cleanup efforts (if any). Are people supportive, curious, critical, or indifferent?

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