(Solved): Cause & Effect essay


(Solved): Cause & Effect essay

Hello i want an Cause and Effect Essay . topic about Cause and Effect of Obesity 4-5 paragraph you can start or Approach the topic with question 1- first i want you do little introduction about the topic , background information / justification 2-the body we gonna talk about cause main idea supported by evidence from research such as : example ,explanation like cause of obesity is lack of physical activities and poor eating 3- the other paragraph i want tyou talk abut the effect of obesity like its lead to joints problems you can expand on that 4- conclusion concluding paragraph to sum up the thesis and major supporting points. However, do so very briefly as this paragraph should be roughly the same length as the introduction. You might also give some indication as to how your findings could change in the future if conditions or interpretations alter in some way.

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