(Solved): Case Study / Please see the attached file for the instructions and questions


(Solved): Case Study / Please see the attached file for the instructions and questions

Please answer the following questions using data, and reliable sources. For a different company or brand, you need to find an article that discusses the companies competitive advantage to answer questions 6 and 7. 1. Amazon’s resources: Identify what tangible, intangible, and human resources are relevant to Amazon’s success (or possibly weakness). 2. For each resource identified, find one metric (I highly recommend looking at more) that indicates how the resource is being managed. Remember that metrics are numerically reported. 3. Based on the metrics you found, what should Amazon be worried about? 4. What are Amazon’s capabilities? (Do you perhaps want to review what capabilities are and how they are different from resources?) 5. What is Amazon’s competitive advantage? 6. Read the article below and answer the following question. How does the analysis compare to the one you provided in part 5? 7. What are the limitations in the Forbes article analysis?

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