(Solved): Case Study – Mighty Metrics: Retail is in the Details


(Solved): Case Study – Mighty Metrics: Retail is in the Details

To assist you with this assignment, complete an internet search on the current hiring practices and assessment tests employed by Home Depot. You just became the head of staffing for Home Depot. You were surprised to learn that the company had never validated the pre-employment tests (a/k/a hiring tests) it uses to assess job candidates for its store sales jobs. You research the tests they use. Realizing the legal liability involved, you create a report to present to top management about the kinds of tests used, the concern about validation being needed, and what you would recommend doing to validate the tests with a sample of current employees. After conducting independent research on the hiring practices of Home Depot, describe the assessment process used. Then in a 3 page paper address the following: . Provide an overview of the purpose of pre-employment testing . Describe the tests currently being conducted . Explain what validation is and why it is important to conduct . Describe what you would recommend doing . Provide your conclusion . Be sure to use APA style with at least two sources cited!

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