(Solved): BBA Project 4.5 Executive Leadership and Teams- 10 page paper


(Solved): BBA Project 4.5 Executive Leadership and Teams- 10 page paper

This project assignment focuses on leadership in three areas:  leaders as change agents, leaders as communicators, and leaders in teams.  The first area of study is the concept of leaders as change agents.  In the literature on leadership, this topic is frequently call transformational leadership.  This area of study seeks to identify the traits and behaviors of leaders who successfully lead change efforts in an organization.  This ability is critical because the greatest strategy in the world will not work unless there are leaders who can implement the changes required for the developed strategy.  The second area of study is devoted to the study of leaders as communicators.  Leaders who effectively communicate can expect faster results due to the clarity of the message and the proper media choice.  Finally, the student learner will be required to learn about the role leader’s play in higher performance teams.  All three of these leadership topical areas will require the student to analyze a leader of their choice for each part of the assignment.  A different leader must be selected for each part of the project assignment. You will submit a written paper, divided into two parts . The starting point for this part of the project assignment is to select two people in management.  One person must be evaluated as a transformational leader and the other person must be evaluated as a transactional leader.  You will need to address the following requirements: Describe the job of each selected person. Provide specific examples (at least two) of how each person has demonstrated a characteristic of either a transformational or transactional leader. Identify the two most common types of media used by each leader. Describe how they use that medium and how effective they are using it. Identify the barriers to communication that each leader has the most difficulty overcoming. State the name of the barrier and explain your choice supported by examples. Based on your evaluation of leadership style, evaluate the effectiveness of each leader as either a transformational or transactional leader. In this section of the paper you will analyze a team experience from your past or present. You will evaluate the leader who formed the team, the person who actually lead the team through its assignment/project, and the effectiveness of the team in completing the assignment. You do not have to provide actual names – titles and pseudonyms are acceptable. For this part of the project assignment, you will address the following requirements: Identify the person who formed the team and describe their level of involvement in the assignment/project. Identify the actual team leader (it may be the same person who formed the team) and their role within the team. Identify the other team members and their responsibilities on the team. Describe the team progression through the four phases of team development (forming, storming, norming, and performing). Evaluate the team’s performance on the assignment/project. Identify what role the leader played in its success or failure. The written document will be a paper that addresses the key points of both parts and is no longer than 10 pages (double-spaced and including references) Cite your sources in the text and in a reference page Citation style is up to you, but pick one and be consistent.

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