(Solved): BBA Project 4.2 Industry Analysis – 20 slide power point presentation


(Solved): BBA Project 4.2 Industry Analysis – 20 slide power point presentation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Student learners will analyze an industry utilizing two tools: SLEPT analysis and Porter’s Five forces analysis as part of a competitive analysis. Competitor performance relative to each other will be evaluated and compared. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: In today’s business world, change is a constant. Companies that do not monitor events outsider their doors are at great risk of failing. For example, Kodak did not adjust their business model to account for digital photography until films sales dropped dramatically. The process of identifying changing forces in an industry has been given several terms. Three common terms are external analysis, SLEPT analysis, and industry analysis. There are two level to this analysis. The first level of analysis is at a macro or general level that looks for trends in the social, legal, economic, political, and technological (SLEPT) areas of an industry. The second level of industry analysis is at a micro level. This analysis focuses on factors more specific to an industry. One common and powerful tool for industry analysis is Porter’s 5 Forces model. The five forces are: (1) power of buyers, (2) power of suppliers, (3) barriers to entry, (4) threat of substitutes and (5) degree of rivalry. Each of these forces prompt the analyst to look for factors that can be more easily quantified in terms of their effect on a company For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that will address the following requirements: 1. Identify a company within a specific industry. Provide essential descriptive data about the company (e.g. industry affiliation, major products or services, ticker symbol, etc.). 2. Identify the major competitors of the company within the industry sector, including at least one global or international competitor. 3. Develop a SLEPT model for the industry, which identifies the most significant macro industry factors utilizing the SLEPT framework. You should create a table that identifies a minimum of ten macro trends in the SLEPT analysis. 4. Construct a Porter’s Five Forces model that addresses micro factors. You should create a table that addresses each of the five forces and a description of the competitive interactions between firms within the industry. 5. Evaluate the overall effect of the macro and micro factors and rank the competitors from 1-5, with 1 the most competitive and 5 the least competitive. 6. Provide a summary and conclusion of your analysis based on your evaluation of the SLEPT model and Porter’s Five Forces.

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