(Solved): Assignment 3.3: Term Project, Part 3: The Thesis Statement


(Solved): Assignment 3.3: Term Project, Part 3: The Thesis Statement

Description: This part of the term project allows student to generate a thesis statement for their research paper. You will write a 1-page paper (12-point font) listing the thesis statement and the method used to derive the thesis statement. Objectives: Write a thesis statement. Instructions: Step 1: Gather notes and source materials. Collect any notes and sources identified and generated from the uploaded file “Assignment 2.3”. Read through your notes and do an initial read through of at least half of the source materials. Step 2: Generate a list of at least 5 potential thesis statements. Based on your notes and the sources you have read, document at least 5 potential thesis statements. Step 3: Evaluate the viability of each thesis statement. Evaluate each of the thesis statements generated in Step 2. For each statement, document reasons why the thesis statement would work, what potential drawbacks the thesis statement might have, what existing notes support the statement, what sources could be used for that statement, and the quality of the potential sources for that thesis statement. Step 4: Choose a thesis statement. Consider the information collected in Step 3, and select a thesis topic for your paper. Write the thesis topic at the top of a new document. Step 5: Organize and prepare a document comparing the rationale for each potential thesis statement. Continuing the document created in Step 4, organize and present the information generated in Step 3 in a cohesive way. Clearly present the data in the document. The use of outside resources is strongly recommended and all papers must be cited and written in APA format.

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