(Solved): Assignment 3.2: Conducting a Survey on Alternative Fuel Sources


(Solved): Assignment 3.2: Conducting a Survey on Alternative Fuel Sources

Description: This practice exercise allows students to plan, conduct, and summarize a survey. You will write a 2 page paper (12-point font) summarizing the survey design, survey data, and survey findings. Objectives: Describe techniques for conducting surveys. Conduct a survey. Instructions: Step 1: Determine the goals and target audience of the survey. For your topic “Alternative Fuel Sources”, determine the survey goal and the profile of the survey audience. Identify at least 5 people (real or imaginary) to complete the survey. Step 2: Design the survey. Generate a list of at least 10 questions for the survey. Ensure the questions are designed to provide meaningful answers for your topic. Step 3: Administer the survey. Distribute the survey to the survey audience, and collect their responses. Step 4: Analyze the data. Compile and evaluate the data collected. Did the survey respondents respond the way you expected? Was there consistency in the responses? Were there any surprises? Did the survey data support or negate your perspective? Step 5: Write a paper summarizing the survey. Create a 2 page document detailing the survey process, data, and conclusions. First identify the goal of the survey and the profile of the survey respondents. Then, provide a copy of the actual survey instrument. Summarize the findings of the data analysis and any conclusions you formed based on the data. Finally, document the next steps based on the findings from the survey and how you will use the information as you move forward with your research. The use of outside resources is strongly recommended and all papers must be cited and written in APA format.

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