(Solved): Argumentative research paper on; abortion be abolished on teens


(Solved): Argumentative research paper on; abortion be abolished on teens

Argumentative Research Paper Topic: Abortion on teens should be abolished you are going to write an argument paper that relies on research. This means that you will spend a good portion of time finding the right sources to back your argument up, reading and understanding them, and properly formatting them. Another task is to convince your reader that your arguments are valid and true without having any fallacies. Avoid fallacy by addressing the other side, acknowledging their opinions, and stating how their opinions are Take a position in an argument and use evidence to sway the audience and help them see your point of view. The most important part of the essay is, of course, the research. You are required to use the following research in your paper (you may include more than this): * • 2 Scholarly Academic Journal Articles * • 1 book * • 1 appropriate, scholarly website The Research Paper requirements: * • 5-6 pages (NOT including works cited page) * • 12 pt. font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins * • Your completed essay is due by July 16 (You may earn up to 100 points)

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