(Solved): Argumentative essay on Alternative Treatment Methods for Mental Illness


(Solved): Argumentative essay on Alternative Treatment Methods for Mental Illness

Write a well-developed, multi-paragraphed essay. Essay should have at least 8 paragraphs and should be 3 – 4 pages long (content). Must have at least one counterargument (refute the opposition) Save as doc or docx document. Include a Works Cited page: The Works Cited page should appear on its own on either page 4 or page 5. (Save the Works Cited page with the essay, not as a separate file.) Include a clear thesis statement in your introduction. Incorporate at least 4 direct quotes from two secondary sources, no more than three secondary sources. Besides the 4 required direct quotes, you may also paraphrase, but you will still need to give credit to the source. And, you still need at least 4 direct quotes.Although this essay will require quotes from secondary sources, I should still hear your voice in the supporting argument. If you quote too much, your voice is lost. Do not begin a paragraph with a quote. Do not end a paragraph with a quote. End with your voice explaining your concluding point. Do not quote back-to-back. Do not write “stand alone” or “dropped” quotes. In other words, in the essay there should not be a sentence that is quoted alone with no introductory phrase (signal verb) or an introductory sentence (with a colon). Use the “Incorporating Quotes and Documentation” handout for help in incorporating/integrating quotes correctly, citing quotes correctly, and punctuating quotes correctly. Concluding paragraphDo not use any form of “you” or “I”—unless in a quote. Do not use contractions. Do not ask questions in the essay. (No rhetorical questions.) Purpose: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. Need a creative, original titleUnacceptable Sources: Unreliable Wikipedia anything Abstracts Book Reviews Blogs Sparknotes, Shmoop, Enotes, Cliffnotes, Gradesaver… also I need a copy of all sources used…. so I can go back a read the article as well as attach it to the assignment.

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