(Solved): Argumentative Essay: Minimum Wage in America Should be Raised


(Solved): Argumentative Essay: Minimum Wage in America Should be Raised

My deadline for this paper is July 27th by 11:59pm MTN time Thesis: Minimum wage must be raised because it is no longer a living wage. In my essay, I would like to add in the last time the federal minimum wage was raised. Then, I would like the essay to discuss how that minimum wage has not kept up with costs — housing, medical/insurance, food, gas, and other prices — and that people who make minimum wage live below the federal poverty line. Then, I would like the essay to argue the solutions to the problem: raising the federal minimum wage which Congress refuses to do, or employers, cities, or states can set their own minimum wage to pay employees what would be a living wage for each city or state. A lot of companies have voluntarily raised wages to $12 – $15 per hour. Target pays $12 for minimum wage. I would like some research showing what other cities/states have set as a minimum wage. I think Seattle’s minimum wage is $15.00. So, basically this is a problem-solution based paper The problem is the basis for the argument and it should be the first key point. Solution 1 is your second key point, and solution 2 is your third key point. Then, the opposition’s argument would be that there is no problem living on minimum wage, and the reasons they believe raising the minimum wage is bad for the country. make the first key point for the oppositions argument is that it will hurt the economy. When people make more money, they spend more money, and when they spend more, businesses make more. There is no evidence to support the argument that the economy will be hurt OR that people end up getting laid off. In this essay I need 10 academic sources to support issues being addressed in the essay and cited in MLA 2016 format. The attached file is a list of topics that I can’t talk about in my paper

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