(Solved): Argument presented or a concept explained research paper


(Solved): Argument presented or a concept explained research paper

Your research paper must have either an argument presented or a concept explained. Don’t forget the basic rule of essay development: you must have a clearly articulated thesis presented in the introductory section of the essay that you will sustain throughout your paper. Format: You must follow the parameters and guidelines for MLA format unless you are planning to study in a field where APA is the predominant style followed. Length: Your paper must be a minimum of 5 – 7 pages of text. This does not include your Works Cited page. With that addition, then the requirement is 6 – 8 pages. You must use 11 or 12 point standard font. MLA mandates that everything must be double spaced, so you must double-space your paper. Your margins must be one inch on the top, bottom, left, and right. To see a detailed description of the format, see chapter 34 for MLA style or chapter 39 for APA style of the A Pocket Style Manual. The final draft is due by midnight, December 9th. Of course, if you finish early, I will gladly accept the early submissions! Once I have returned your graded research essays, you will have a week to revise if you’d like to do so. Final words: Please don’t over-think this essay! If you remind yourself that it’s really not much longer than the other essays, you should be fine. The key will be to properly acknowledge your sources so that you don’t commit plagiarism

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