(Solved): Analyzing Ethos (and Pathos) in Soraya Chemaly


(Solved): Analyzing Ethos (and Pathos) in Soraya Chemaly

There are two parts to this discussion forum: 1. Read and annotate Soraya Chemaly’s article, “10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. is Nuts.” I have attached the essay for you to read and review. For your response, please share at least 3 examples of strong OR weak ethos (appeals to credibility) that you found in her article (you can do a mixture of strong and weak if you’d like). Where in her argument did she increase her credibility with her audience and make herself appear more trustworthy? Or, if you feel that she had some weak appeals to character, which passages in her essay undermined her credibility and why? 2. How an author uses pathos (emotional appeals) may also impact his/her credibility (ethos). Do you feel that Chemaly’s pathos (especially her tone) strengthened her credibility and trustworthiness (ethos) or took away from it? (NOTE: Your answers may differ, and that’s okay as long as you have good reasons to support your evaluation). Your response must be at least 300 words total.

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