(Solved): Analyze and Compare


(Solved): Analyze and Compare                                                

In this assignment you will choose two of the essays from below about poverty in America.    Bader, Eleanor J., “Homeless on Campus” NFGW p.710 Kozol, Jonathan, “Fremont High School” NFGW p.716 Step 1 – Begin by doing a close reading of each one, making notes that you will be able to work from when beginning your outline and rough draft. You can do this in outline form or your own format.   Step 2 – Now create an outline that clearly details how you plan to present your comparison.   Outline format: Introduction: In your introduction present the issues and summarize the general area around which they differ. For example, what are the main conflicts of the essays and are they based on legal issues, ethical ones, or religious values? Your thesis should mention both articles and your planned approach to their analysis and comparison. Body paragraphs: Body Paragraph one should be an *analysis of the first article. Body paragraph two should be an analysis of the second article Body Paragraph three is where you begin to compare the two articles. You can write more than one paragraph of comparison if you feel it necessary. *Your analysis sections should be based on guidelines that we have studied in class and should include some the following things (not necessarily all):                         -summary of the article that includes:   The topic, and answers to the questions who, what, when, where, and why; -genre -purpose -audience -tone -claims   Conclusion Restate your thesis.  Summarize your main points. End with a statement that sums up why you think this issue matters.   Requirements: Format: 3 – 4 pages, double-spaced, font size: 12   Rough Draft due:      Monday, 6/25 Submit electronic copy to Canvas on Monday, Bring hard copy of rough draft to class for peer edit workshop.   Rough draft will be returned by Friday, 6/29   Final Draft due:        Monday, 7/9   Final draft portfolio will consist of: Outline Rough draft (from peer edit workshop) Peer edit worksheet Final draft.

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