(Solved): Analysis of “The Man of the Crowd”


(Solved): Analysis of “The Man of the Crowd”

Compose a brief essay analyzing a key passage in one of the works we have encountered so far this semester. Note: while your discussion will focus on a specific passage, a successful response to this assignment will use the selected passage as an opportunity to examine the work at large. So, for example, you might choose to focus on the description of Arnold Friend’s appearance to the discuss predator/prey relationship in Joyce Carol Oates’s “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”; conversely, you might examine descriptions of Connie’s appearance and compare/contrast them with descriptions of Arnold Friend to show links between the two (interpreting the story, then, as a coming-of-age tale or loss-of-innocence story). In any case, while the passage you select should be small (not more than a dozen lines or so and probably fewer), the shadow it casts should be big—that is, the passage should be made especially revealing in your reading. Please read this article so you know what to to write about. For the paper, you will need to pick out a part of the passage and explain how it relates to the essay as a whole and why it is important to the passage. Also, please include quotes from throughout the passage. I also have attached the rubric for the essay. Please take a look at this also.

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