(Solved): Amy Chua’s book, The Roar of the Tiger Mom argument synthesis essay


(Solved): Amy Chua’s book, The Roar of the Tiger Mom argument synthesis essay

Amy Chua’s book, The Roar of the Tiger Mom, divided many parents into pro-Chua camps and anti-Chua camps. Discuss which parenting model is the most effective, Chua’s “Chinese parenting” or what the author calls “Western parenting.” You may also recommend a model that incorporates elements of both. Remember the following: limit using the first person (I and we)—if you are using an example from your own life experience, do not let it take over the essay—this is not an autobiographical essay avoid using the second person (you) your opening paragraph should include a clear thesis, the points you will discuss and how you will discuss them provide a clear discussion—don’t summarize the articles (you can provide some brief background information, but limit it to one or two sentences) use quotes sparingly and only to support your discussion—do not string together numerous quotes use the essays we have read and discussed in class AND use one outside source—you may use more than one outside source proofread carefully—spelling and grammatical errors will affect your score remember to include a Works Cited page—this is not part of the 2 to 3 pages of the essay. Note = For this essay you have to explain what is Chua’s “Chinese parenting” and “Western parenting and than conclude which parenting is most effective by giving facts and evidence to support your opinion.

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