(Solved): 3 Different Case Debriefs


(Solved): 3 Different Case Debriefs

I have three short case debriefs, consists of 2 pages for each case study due on three different occasions. These cases are simple, nothing too complicated and they CANNOT be more than two pages at MAX. Please do not exceed more than two pages, as I will not sit down to edit the paper myself, to shorten in length for you; so please do not exceed more than two pages for each case. Also, do not add a title page, I will add that myself. Format- 12 point fonts, double space, perfect grammar, and please note this assignment will be turned in via TURNITIN, so please make sure your work is original. All three cases are due on different dates. One being, only a week away and for the other two, you have roughly 3-4 weeks to complete. I will assign you all 3 cases, after successful completion of the 1st case and its results. I’m generous in paying for good work, therefore, please do your best in the first case to get the remaining work. I will provide cases for all assignments. PLEASE follow instructions carefully and please be responsive and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I CAN $40 FOR ALL 3 CASES COMBINED. MY OFFER IS REASONABLE & NON-NEGOTIABLE! IT’S A SIMPLE CASE DEBRIEF!! Thanks

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