Sigent Jewelry Ltd. Expand to China Media Objectives


Sigent Jewelry Ltd. Expand to China Media Objectives

This is the part that i need to do. everything need to be regarding how signet expand to China include real numbers real chart 1. Scheduling and timing 1. When will the campaign hit:  January through May? Or January through March, then again June through August?  Weekly? -Li 2. Media budget -Li 1. Estimate how you will allocate your budget:  that is, what percent of your budget will be allocated to which vehicles.  You do not need to provide actual costs of each medium. 2. If you’re able to find costs, I will give you extra credit.  You should be able to check the Marketing database in the Drexel Library. 3. Geography – 1. Discuss what areas of the market you will target:  will this be a national campaign or localized to specific cities/markets. 4. Sales promotion – Li 1. Will you provide giveaways?  Through what vehicles will you distribute them? – Brand advocates 1. Media Mix Selection 1. List the media vehicles you will use.

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