Reflective essay on your writing in an english course


Reflective essay on your writing in an english course

As discussed in class, the last assignment for this course is an essay where you reflect on the writing you did in ENGL200. You could focus on any assignment you want, but preferably on your research paper. If you need help with the task, you could use these questions to generate ideas for your essay: How easy or difficult was the course in general? How difficult was the process of writing the research paper (or all the assignments)? What were the difficulties? How did you face them? How did you use the instructor’s feedback, if at all? How did you improve your drafts? What do you think of your final paper compared to the earlier drafts? What did you learn from the whole process both about writing and about yourself as a student/writer? What are the things you now think you should/could have done differently in writing the research paper? There is no minimum or maximum length or word count, as long as your essay: 1) includes all the elements of an essay (introduction with focused statement + body + conclusion), 2) presents a clear reflection on and understanding of the writing process in which you were engaged in ENGL200, and 3) demonstrates that you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. For more help, please find attached two sample reflective essays (formatted per MLA style), the rubric and a brief document about reflective writing. Good luck!

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