Prospectus Presentation Assignment Sheet (multimodal)


Prospectus Presentation Assignment Sheet (multimodal)

Context Congratulations! The chair of your major department has read your Research Prospectus, and believes your research proposal has merit. Because of this, he or she has asked you to present a brief overview of your research to the department’s faculty before their monthly staff meeting. This presentation will include a poster to advertise and visualize your research, as well as a prewritten speech that summarizes your research this semester. Your goal is to show faculty, or experts in your field, the research you have collected this semester in a variety of modes (visual, oral). Details Prepare a 500-word written speech that summarizes your research this semester. You do NOT need to record this speech; you just need to submit it as a Microsoft Word document with your poster. Your poster can also be completed in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or another platform suitable to this purpose. The poster should accurately advertise your research using both visuals (images, tables, charts, graphs) and text (brief summaries, headings) to aid in the faculty’s understanding of your speech. Basically, these two projects should work together to create an interesting and accurate representative summary of your research this semester. You should include some, but not all, specific evidence from your research prospectus. You also need to properly document any source you use, including any visual sources (such as images, tables, graphs, or charts) in APA. Evaluation Criteria You will be evaluated based on both the quality and professionalism of your use of the multiple modes, as well as the rhetorical effectiveness of the poster and written speech. You will also be evaluated based on the validity and thoughtfulness of your research project. Requirements • 500-word written speech that summarizes your research this semester. • A poster that includes both visual and textual elements to “advertise” your research this semester. • List of references in APA format. I have attached the sample script and poster as well as the previous paper you will need to complete the project.

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