Proposal essay. Immanuel Kant, “What Is Enlightenment?”


Proposal essay. Immanuel Kant, “What Is Enlightenment?”

Proposal Choose a topic based on the material from the course, and propose an argument for your essay. You should focus carefully on the text you’ve chosen and relate the material to other works that we have discussed in class. Remember to keep your topic narrow, and take a definite, arguable stand on an issue. You’re basically trying to sell this topic to me, but I’m here to help you formulate it as you proceed, so you might want to talk with me about your ideas prior to writing the proposal. Keep these guidelines in mind as you write your proposal: It would be about a page long (around 300 words). It should be double-spaced in MLA style. You don’t have to cite any sources at this point (but you can if you want). It should be at least two paragraphs: Paragraph 1: Announce the topic you intend to pursue for your essay. Make sure to narrow the topic adequately, and tell me what your thesis might be. Paragraph 2: Provide a general outline of the basic approach you will take to analyze the topic in the essay.

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