Intervention Development


This week we return to our Leadership Intervention Project at Prison X (Prision Case is Attached). It is recommended you review your Week 1 papers (attached) and the feedback provided from your instructor to fill in any performance gaps from Part I to Part II.


  • Analyze the warden’s leadership repertoire and its impact on the organization, its culture, and how the mood of the organization may affect the various operational components.
  • Assess the five critical need areas requiring immediate intervention.
  • Develop a minimum of three intervention strategies for each of the five critical need areas identified above. The strategies should seek to minimize dissonant styles and create resonant leadership.
  • Create a detailed plan for conducting the interventions.

Important hint: You might find it helpful to begin each section of the paper by discussing the key themes and cues you observe. Then, do research on those key themes to both broaden and deepen your evaluation of the case and your understanding of the important issues. In the final product, about half your written evaluation of each topic should be research. About half should be application to the case study.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your evaluation in a 3 page Microsoft Word document.
  • Cite any sources in the APA format.

Recommendation for the level one headings for the body of your paper (in addition to your introduction and conclusion):

Leadership and Organizational Impact

Critical Needs Assessment

Intervention Strategy

Intervention Plan

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