Integrated Accounting Projects


Accounting here is broadly defined to include the following, but not limited to, areas: financial accounting, management accounting, company accounting, international accounting, auditing and assurance, sustainability accounting, accounting education, accounting information systems.

Tasks to Complete

1. Choose an area of accounting in which you are interested (Weeks 1 and 2material)

2. Select a specific topic (Weeks 2 and 3 material):

o Review (skim) current academic papers to identify current issues that accounting researchers are exploring.

o Most academic papers have “suggestions for further research”. Use these suggestions to identify an area for your research project.).

o Discuss the topic and related papers with the Instructor during the specific seminar delivered on Week 3.

3. Review at least three journal articles (Week 4 material) related to the issue and start drafting your Literature Review document (Week 5 material and structure and content section below).

4. Once you consider your draft document complete, run a plagiarism check using the Turnitin link Assessment 2 – Revision.

5. Fix the eventual plagiarism and finalize the document (i.e. section numbering, grammar, table of contents, etc.).

6. Once your document is finalized, submit it using the Turnitin link Assessment

1 – FINAL SUBMISSION before the date/time provided (once submitted no further submissions, revisions, changes or amendments will be possible).

Analysis of the Literature

This section critically presents and analyses the literature about your identified topic/issue/s. Specifically, it should:

Group research studies and other relevant literature according to a common theme.  

Summarise each item of the literature appropriately according to its significance.

Critically compare and evaluate each item of the literature.

Sentences at the end of sections to help the reader understand what the main issues are.

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