Essay topic: Problem of personal identity


After reading and carefully considering the readings on personal identity, you find yourself in a discussion with a friend who has no background in philosophy whatsoever. Aside from that they are otherwise rational and capable of learning and understanding in all relevant ways. 

You are asked, “What is this so-called ‘problem of personal identity?'” 

How do you respond? You must consider how you would explain the problem of personal identity faithfully to someone who has never heard of it before. Do not simply copy the examples presented in the writings, instead, think of your own everyday examples that would be easily accessible to someone like your friend. Your response must include: What are the problems? What are some solutions that have been offered? What is at stake in this discussion (why does it matter)? 

You may be as creative as you wish as long as you satisfy the requirements below.

Required: 200-500 word minimum, proper grammar, spelling, and answering the questions/prompt as closely as you can. Points are taken off for obvious last-minute superficial commentary, not answering the specific questions posed, not following directions, too short length, as well as spelling and grammar issues. 

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