Essay topic: Management and Leadership


Topic Management and Leadership
Subject Area Discussion chapter

No.of pages/Wordcount

2 pages urgent order

Urgency 3 to 4 hours

Citation Style APA Style

Assignment Details

Part 1, Individual Submission
From the text book, Organizational Management and Leadership by Anita Satterlee. 

Individually, you will write a minimum 400-word thread discussing (Chapters 1-4)the following

(use the following as headings in each thread):
• Introduction to the topic.
o A short overview of the topic
• Three Concepts
o The 3 most important concepts you have learned from the textbook readings, website and article readings. 
o In the discussion, include why these are the most important for an organization to consider. 
• References – 4 total
o 2 peer-reviewed references from the Liberty University Online Library. These references must have been published in the previous 4 years.
o 1 reference from the text.
o 1 reference from the assigned article(s) or from the website readings (for the weeks that it is available). (see attached file)


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