Essay topic: Case discussion


Part 1: Take a Stand (100 words)

Should the media have to be regulated while covering the elections and democratic practice or should they be entitled to free speech as well? Review the Williams 4 factors on pages 132 & 133 in answering this prompt.

Part 2: Theorize Your Stand (100 words)

How would either Aristotle or Kant answer the question? It is ok if it is different than how you answered it.

Part 3: Apply Your Stand (150 words)

Please read and discuss Case 6-B (Wikileaks) and Case 6-E (God and Country).  What is right and wrong in the cases? Clearly articulate the dilemma ( the choice between two correct options).

Part 4: Discuss Your Stand (100 words for each case 6B and 6E)

add value to the conversation. Ask questions. Present new ideas.

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