Essay topic: Application Project Paper about Ground Minesweeper robot.


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Application Project Paper about:  Ground Minesweeper robot.

In this course, you will be required to develop a project paper demonstrating an understanding of the course topics by analyzing, evaluating, and developing recommendations
supporting use of an unmanned system design/configuration to meet a task manually performed by humans or that is uncontrolled. For this project, you will need to perform the following: 

·  Identify a task currently performed by another system (e.g., manned or uncontrollable) that an unmanned system would be well suited to perform. 

·  Discuss the perceived need of the system (why an unmanned system would be preferable, benefits and advantages) based on a current issue with the existing manner of performing the task. 

·  Compare and contrast possible unmanned system platforms and designs appropriate for the task. 

·  Evaluate and discuss the considerations (technological, social, environmental, and political) associated with an unmanned system application solution, including contributing factors, end effects, and legal, ethical, and safety concerns. 

·  Formulate a specific solution or research strategy to address the perceived need, including any appropriate recommendations or conclusions. 

·  Utilize an appropriate research method and statistical analysis (if applicable) to obtain data and reference materials to support your work. 

·  Recommend future research strategies to better understand the issue and add to the collective body of knowledge associated with unmanned systems. 

Minesweeper Robot.

While it is good to have a solid background to the problem, an earlier engagement of or disclosure of the the idea of using UGV’s to detect and clear a mine field would keep a reader who is scanning your document for the purpose of a scholarly peer review, with a subject matter of how to use UGV’s to clear mine fields. 

Clean up the fields and saving lives of military personnel. Discussing the pros and cons.


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