ENGL344 – Correspondence Assignment – Business Writing


ENGL344 – Correspondence Assignment – Business Writing

For the correspondence assignment, include the following three components in one document: 1. cover memo (on page one); 2. bad-news memo (on pages two-three); and 3. persuasive letter (in block format on pages four-five). First, write a one-page cover memo to the Instructor: include a brief summary of your completion of the bad-news memo and persuasive letter for this correspondence assignment; and see page 138 of our required textbook, Business Communication, for an example of a memo on plain paper in response to a direct request—all future page numbers refer to pages in Business Communication. Second, write a two-page bad-news memo on pages two-three in response to prompt 11.10.c on page 182, that is, “[w]rite a memo to your supervisor” “about a problem in your unit and recommend what should be done”: you can use a real-life example or create one based on your expected career; and see Figure 11.4 on page 171 for information on “How to Organize a Negative Memo to Your Superior” and subsequent pages for sample memos. Third, write a persuasive two-page letter in block format on pages four-five in response to prompt 12.21.a on page 213, that is, for a letter of recommendation: “[w]rite up something to remind [your instructor] of what you’ve done in class. Tell [your instructor] what else you’ve done, too. And tell [your instructor] what they’re looking for. Be sure to tell [your instructor] when the letter needs to be in and whom it goes to.” You can use a real-life instructor and recommendation letter request or create one based on a letter of recommendation you might need in the future; and see page 133 for a sample two-page informative letter in block format.

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