Engaging Critical Thinking Essay


Engaging in Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is about having the capacity to dynamically and adeptly conceptualize, scrutinize, and question notions and belief systems. It is a beneficial life skill that improves problem-solving ability, promotes creativity and curiosity, establishes autonomous thinking and a clear mindset when dealing with daily issues. It is a concept that is even more essential today when society faces massive problems. These problems range from the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions on movement and social contact, protests for racial equality, analyzing political ideologies in the wake of the high divisive presidential election, and financial crisis. These issues have negatively impacted society, and the problem has become more complex due to people’s polarized viewpoints that generally do not engage in critical thinking. Such societal issues present an excellent opportunity to engage in critical reasoning to drive society forward. Still, there are challenges to critical thinking, and hence a proper framework is required to ensure that without making people feel threatened.

Critical thinking can positively help society since it is about constructing, analyzing, and evaluating arguments. When making the argument, the critical thinker is rational, seeks the truth, provides proof, which helps establish a clear resolution. The arguments must be formatted, provide reasonable premises that apply to the conclusion, and have an effective confutation for any criticism that might arise. For this to happen, the people engaged in an argument will have to have self-disciplined, self-direction, and self-corrective thinking. The engagement in critical reasoning makes the individual proficient in solving societal issues. Also, there is improvement in language and presentation skills, and this helps people avoid unnecessary conflict. Accordingly, other people of different opinions do not feel threatened and can follow the logic or the argument and make conclusions.

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