Blog: Childhood Connections to Play


This week, you have been studying and discussing child-centered learning/curriculum and play as integral building blocks for effective early childhood education programs and practices. For this Blog Assignment, you will have an opportunity to represent your personal childhood connections to play.

Consider yourself as a young child, perhaps 4 or 5, and place yourself in a setting of your choosing, perhaps a wooded area, a small stream, or a sandy beach. Give yourself hours to fill, no responsibilities, and, if you like, a few of your favorite friends. How might you spend your time? What materials would you like to give yourself to assist you in your play? If an adult could gently provide resources or serve as a guide, what would that person’s role be?

By Day 6

Post your play reflection using the following guidelines:

  • Create a space on your blog dedicated to play and title this space, “My Connections to Play.”
  • Select two quotes that you feel summarize what play represented for you in childhood.
  • Include two to three pictures of essential play items for your younger self.
  • Describe how people supported play when you were younger and/or the role of play in your childhood.
  • Write a brief entry on how you feel play today is similar or different from the play in which you engaged as a child and what your hope for young is now with regard to playing.
  • Include your thoughts regarding the role of play throughout your life and/or the role of play throughout childhood and adulthood.

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