Art Appreciation


Featured, below, is the Module #2 Assignment, as well as attached handouts to assist you with completing this assignment. Please refer to instructor’s course materials or Sayre’s Chapters 3-15 & 21-27 (themes) or Gateways in Art, Part 1, Part 2, & Part 4 prior to completing and submitting this assignment.  Don’t forget to review PPTs featured in Module #1.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Perform a Formal Analysis, Interpretation, and Critique of an original public art form located within the vicinity of the town where you live, attend school, or work. 
  2. Role-Play as an Art Critic to enhance Critical Thinking & Visual Literacy skills.


  1. Review Course Content:
    • Module #1 PPTS (useful for this assignment)
    • Module #2 Introduction Materials and Course Textbook. 
    • Academic Research & Writing Resources (Start Here Module).
    • HCCS Library Online Website (Start Here Module).
  2. Select one original Representational or Abstract “public” art form, located on the premises of a University or Community College Campus (HCC or alternate campus), where you work, or in the vicinity of the town where you live, in order to complete the Module 2 Assignment.  Read Warnings, Below: 
    • Do not select a famous artist’s composition located at a museum or art gallery
    • Do not select a work created by yourself, friend, family member or acquaintance
    • Do not select a “Non-Representational/Non-Objective” art form or you will not earn points for this assignment (Abstract subject matter is not the same as “Abstract” style art). Review Instructor’s PPTs & Course Text for examples.
    • Do not select a “replica” of a famous art form or you will not earn points for this assignment (for example, a poster replica of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh or an original composition created by a famous artist whose work is located at a museum)
  3. You must include visual imagery with this assignment:
    • Take digital photographs of the art form selected, as well as yourself next to the chosen art form (required to earn any points)! 
    • Photos must include entire composition (not partial view) 
    • Insert these digital images into your assignment document or you will not earn points!
  4. You must cite sources, as well as include a bibliography, if you’ve consulted the course textbook, an alternative textbook, or online resources to complete this assignment!
    • For example:
      • Course textbook terms, concepts, or visuals
      • Online research related to assignment (terms, concepts, visuals, artist’s biography…)
    • Refer to sample assignment for example 

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