(Answered) The Impact of Preceptorship to the newly qualified Nurses


(Answered) The Impact of Preceptorship to the newly qualified Nurses

Learning Outcomes Effectively use a wide range of information sources to extract and analyse relevant information Synthesise and apply information from a number of sources to develop a reasoned argument Analyse and apply the findings from contemporary evidence to current issues in professional practice Exercise autonomy and initiative in tackling tasks and problems and weighing alternative interpretations, arguments and values. INTRODUCTION (500 words approx. ) Introduce your chosen topic Justify why you chose this topic and how it fits in to the overall scheme of health and social care provision State the key issues you will be addressing in this assignment (2-3 key issues should suffice that obviously relate to your main question) Explain how your essay will be structured REVIEW OF A VARIETY OF MATERIAL RELATED TO YOUR CHOSEN TOPIC (3500 Search Strategy (1-2 paragraphs will suffice) Give a brief overview of your search strategy identifying your search terms and sources you used Sources should include Empirical (actual) research Policies and guidelines (national and local) Reviews, including systematic reviews Opinion papers Patient group information All essays MUST include contemporary research, an appropriate amount of policy or guidance documents and should not ignore any major policies, reviews or research in your area of interest. Use your search findings to compose a critical review and synthesis of your chosen topic: Organise your findings into common themes which will enable you to synthesise the literature. Highlight what is the up to date knowledge within your topic area; what are the key arguments and issues presented in the literature; how this evidence relate to your key question/statement; Consider the quality of these sources as forms of evidence and whether they should be used to inform professional practice; Identify any knowledge gaps in your chosen topic; Consider why some of these deficiencies are not being addressed; Conclude by drawing together the key findings from your literature review DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS (2000 words) Use your topic review findings from the above to address critically your key themes, issues and recommendations on your chosen topic for example consider: the quality of the evidence from the review, the general conclusions that you can draw from the findings; the most important issues identified from the review (including any inconsistencies & contradictions you discovered in the literature ; how some of these issues on the chosen topic are being, or might be, addressed; how do these relate to current policy whether your review has addressed these issues sufficiently; and what further investigations you would recommend in order for all your key issues to be adequately addressed Summarise what practice & policy implications you can draw from the above synthesis on the chosen topic; and what have you gained from accomplishing this literature based study Please use articles and journals from 2007 to 2018 from UK, Harvard Referencing 

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