(Answered) The crisis of Nursing shortage and it’s effect on the quality of healthcare


(Answered) The crisis of Nursing shortage and it’s effect on the quality of healthcare

1) NUR 240 Management of Care – Addendum 2 Research Paper Guidelines Research Paper Requirements: Quality Improvement In order to receive credit for NUR 240, the paper must meet the following requirements. 1. Select a topic or issue that impacts or relates to the nursing management of patient care at the local, regional/state, or national level. 2. Find 3 articles on the selected topic. The articles must meet the following criteria: a. Research article published in a professional journal b. Published within the last 5 years-2010 to present c. To p i c d i s c u s s e d i n t h e m e d i a / Document a r y : b a c k e d u p w i t h j o u r n a l a r t i c l e s a. 3 pages minimum ,up to 5 pages, excluding the cover and reference pages b. APA format: Review APA guidelines for title, introduction, body of paper, conclusion, references, and formatting c. Title: Must be indicative of the contents d. Introduction of topic: Must describe the relevance of the topic and describe how the research articles are relevant to the topic e. Body of text: Choose articles that are relevant to the issue or problem you have identified as relevant. Topics should be from a quality/professional improvement standpoint. This is a short paper, thus direct quotes should be limited. Use your own words to describe the problems and propose a quality improvement initiative. Don’t forget to use “in text citations,” not doing so is considered plagiarism. f. Conclusion: 3. The paper must meet the following criteria: i. Once you have completed comparing and contrasting the information from these 3 articles, analyze your findings i.e.: 1. What are you plans for addressing the issue? Describe how. 2. How does your chosen articles address the topic? 3. Would you adopt the recommendations in the articles? 4. Are there inconsistencies from one to the other? Describe. ii. How does your chose issue impact nursing or management of patient care? iii.And finally, what did you learn from writing this paper? How will this knowledge impact your practice? g. Reference page Annotated Bibliography 4. Be sure to have someone proof read your paper for flow of content, grammar and spelling, and adherence to APA format. 2) annotated bibliography

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