(Answered) Quality improvement & Evidence based practice in hospitals


(Answered) Quality improvement & Evidence based practice in hospitals

I need 2 discussions both at least 100 words each with citation and references First discussion topic: Explore your clinical site and relate one quality improvement (QI) study currently being analyzed. What is benchmarked in the study? What role does the nurse play in the QI study? Either describe an actual study at your clinical location or if you have not encountered one then find a QI study online to describe. I would like for you to describe what is benchmarked in the study, (benchmarking compares an organization’s key performance measures with those of similar organizations, or against nationally-recognized best practices, targets, or goals). Benchmarking is a measurement of quality. Therefore, I would like to know what is being measured in the study and what do you think the nurses role would be in the study ? To gather information; etc. – Cite references. — Topic on: Quality improvement in neonatal intensive care unit in regard to infection control in USA Second discussion topic: Nurses use evidence based practices in making clinical decisions. A good example of this is hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection. How else does a registered nurse use guided research in the clinical setting? How does the registered nurse use evidence based practice in a clinical setting- I want you to describe an example , and then cite at least one reference. HINT: See Chap 2 in your text- has some examples of how EBP is utilized. You may have also observed other examples in your clinical rotations. I can think of many just off the top of my head: Turning patients every two hours to prevent pressure ulcer formation, catheter care to prevent UTI….you may expand on any of these, and I am sure you can come up with many more examples if you just think of the care you provide daily to patients… — Topic on: evidence based practice on wound care.

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