(Answered) Observation of Agency/Professional and Client-Centered Groups and Written Paper


(Answered) Observation of Agency/Professional and Client-Centered Groups and Written Paper

You need to observe two group meetings: 1.professional or agency and – centered support. Example of professional nursing meetings : Critical Care Association, Hispanic Nurse’ s Associatin, Northwest Indiana Patient Safety Coalition meeting, Sigma Theta Tau meeting, and State Board of Nursing meeting. Examples of an agency group meetings: Hospital meeting, Quality Improvement meetings, Policy and Procedure meetings, Patient Safety meeting and Standards of care meeting. Examples of support groups: Cancer support group, COPD support groups, and Autism support groups. 1. Explain the purpose of two group meetings( one professional or agency and one support group) 2. Explain the leader’s roles in each group 3. Describe the decisions and how these decisions were made 4. describe three to four different roles observed in group members of each group 5. discuss how participation was encouraged and enhanced 6. Discuss ways the support group was similar and different from the professional/agency group Follow APA format, use subheadings : Purpose, Leader Roles, Decision- Making Methods, Group Member Roles, Participation, Similarities and Differences Remember: one meeting must be from Professional or Agency examples and one from support group examples.

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