(ANSWERED) NR451 Week 3 Discussion: Resilience and Change


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Discussion QuestionsnnChange is part of our daily healthcare environment. Clinical nursing judgments based on quality and safety, as well as protocols and standards, reflect our patient-centered care values.nnWhat steps could you take to develop more resilience in your practice setting?nHow might you communicate a change in practice to patients and nursing peers?nSOLUTIONnHello professor and class,nnThere are several steps I could take to develop more resilience in my practice setting. I could develop my self-esteem by focusing on my strengths. My nursing colleagues and I could create a social network to talk about problems experienced in practice. When faced with change I could try to be more flexible to accommodate it and focus on the positive implications.I could develop a positive attitude which will help me act clearly in face of problems. I would practice self-care and take care of my needs to relieve stress. American Nursing Association (2015) argues that????..

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