(ANSWERED) NR394 Week 4 Assignment: Course Project Part 2: Research (Graded)


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DirectionsnnDownload the required Week 4: Course Project Part 2 Template below.nSave it to your computer with the file name: Your Last Name NR394 Course Project Part 2.docxnView the Course Project Part 2 tutorial. (Click here to view) (Links to an external site.)nUse instructor feedback from Week 4: Course Project Part 2 Check-In to improve this assignment.nDo not stereotype a cultural/ethnic group. Stereotyping will result in point deduction. See rubric.nAddress the questions on the provided template:nnDescription of Issue, Indicator, and FocusnDescribe approved Healthy People 2030 Leading Health IndicatornDescribe approved cultural focusnDescribe approved transcultural nursing issue from Course ProjectnReferences with PermalinknProvide APA references for two peer-reviewed scholarly professional journal articles related to your nursing issue, cultural focus and/or health indicator.nArticles must be published within the last five (5) years. If you are unsure whether the article is appropriate, ask your instructor.nInclude the permalink to the article.nFor more information on finding Permalinks in the Chamberlain Library, see Learn the Library and Finding Permalinks (Links to an external site.).nSummarynSummarize the key points from each peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal articles selected in one or two paragraphs. Be clear and concise.nnEducational PlannImagine you are educating a group of fellow nurses.nClearly describe what key points would you share with them?nWhat would you suggest as best practices?nWhat ethical issues or conflict of care could potentially exist?

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