(ANSWERED) NR351 Week 2 Assignment: Scavenger Hunt


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Type your instructor?s contact information below:nWhere are the announcements in NR351?nIn the syllabusnTab on the left side of course pagesnIn the ModulesnThere are no announcements in NR351nWhat textbooks are required for NR351?nAPA Manual and Masters textbooknAPA Manual and Weber & Kelly textbooknMasters textbook and Weber & Kelly textbooknThere are no textbooks for NR351nWhere are the links to the Meet & Greet webinar and recording found in NR351?nIn the syllabusnIn an announcementnIn the Week 1 ModulenIn the Grades areanOn the Modules page, where is the Integrity Matters Module located?nSyllabusnTop of the Modules pagenWeek 1 ModulenScavenger Hunt assignment pagenWhere is the Course Tour located?nIn the Week 1 ModulenIn the syllabusnThere is no course tournIn the Start Here tile or areanHow do you find the Webliography?nClick on Modules, then Textbooks and ResourcesnClick on the Resources tile or tab, then scroll to Program ResourcesnClick on the Resources tile or tab, then click on Library link under University ResourcesnClick on the Webliography link in the syllabusnWhere do you find the permalink to access the Weeks 4 and 6 Assigned Article?nWeeks 4 and 6 modulesnWeek 4 Assigned Readings pagenIn the announcement entitled IMPORTANT: Assigned Article for Weeks 4 & 6 AssignmentnResources tabnWhat is the key word from the Meet & Greet webinar from this current session?nType a question here for your instructor that would help you to better understand NR351. Your instructor will answer your question in Assignment Comments.

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