(ANSWERED) MPH509 Module 7: CBPR Skill-Building Activity ? Part 3


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PurposennCBPR Skill-building:?To help you develop skill in CBPR, you will complete a walking tour, a photo-voice project, and a community asset map.nnCourse OutcomesnnThrough this assignment, the student will meet the following course outcomes:n


  • CO 1: Articulate the principles of CBPR in the development and evaluation of CBPR projects and interventions.
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  • CO 7: Demonstrate the methods and skills used in the development, implementation, and evaluation of CBPR projects.
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nTotal Points PossiblennThis assignment is worth 110 points.nnRequirementsnnCBPR Skill Building Activity ? Part 3: Community Asset MapnnUsing the same place you chose for parts 1 and 2 of this activity, now create a map of the place?s assets and strengths. Using the same Photo Voice presentation from Module 5, address the following questions:n


  • What are the physical assets of this place?
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  • Why are they assets?
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  • How do these assets support the community?s health?
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  • If you see any risks or hazards that might affect the assets or the community?s health, note those as well.
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nPlease prepare your map in a form that can be uploaded and viewed other students. Be creative. You can use photos, images, text, or audio to develop your map.

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