(Answered) Knowledge, attitudes and practices of neonatal sta concerning neonatal pain management


(Answered) Knowledge, attitudes and practices of neonatal sta concerning neonatal pain management

Formatting of the Assignment (14 points): THIS IS A QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH PAPER ” Use an APA-formatted cover page. The title is Review and Critique of a [Qualitative or Quantitative] Research Investigation (3). No Abstract page is necessary. ” Use correct grammar and other writing mechanics to enhance clarity of thought (6 points) ” One page of the paper should be the APA-formatted reference page (it goes before the appended critique sheet which is described below under Step 3) (3) ” The initial content of this assignment is an overview of the research study. It is divided by using the following IMRAD sub-headings: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion. Limit the paper to two-four content pages, SINGLE SPACED using bullets to answer questions below. Copy/paste the questions/points directly into your doc; bold them. Answers are UN-bolded. This section is followed by a reference page, which is then followed by the critique worksheet as an appended doc (2) Introduction (8 points) ” What is the PROBLEM (NOT the topic or purpose) that is being addressed in this study? (2) ” Name two things that are important to know about this problem (4) ” QUOTE (in APA format) the research question/purpose/aims/objectives/hypothesis(es) (2) Methods (22 points) ” If this is a quantitative study, is it observational or experimental in nature? (2) ” If stated in the report, name the specific design of the study (ex., correlational or ethnographic) ” What is the setting of the study? (Name the country, at minimum) (1) ” Describe the sample: Size (n= ), sampling method, attrition (if applicable) or response rate (if it’s a survey), main characteristics (ex., age, gender, etc.) that show that the sample is representative of the population (5) ” What did they do to assure that human rights were considered? (ex., IRB, consent, other…) (2) ” EXPLAIN CLEARLY/SUCCINCTLY HOW THEY CARRIED OUT THEIR STUDY-it is VERY important that you write this section in a way that will fully enable you to describe this investigation clearly to the class. It’s ok to use bullets. Note how much this answer is worth! (10 points) ” Note what type of data analysis was conducted (ex., “content analysis,” statistical analysis). Name the specific statistical tests used on the data, if appropriate (2) Results (6 points) ” Restate the research question/purpose/aim/objective/hypothes(es)as an APA quotation. ” LINK ONLY THE RESULTS THAT ANSWER THE RESEARCH QUESTION HERE (6 points) (explain themes in qualitative studies; limit actual stats results in quantitative studies) Discussion (10 points) ” To what other evidence did the authors link their findings/evidence? (2) ” How did the authors interpret their findings; in other words, what conclusions did they draw? (4) ” What did authors say were the limitations of their investigation (make sure these show up on the critique sheet, below in step 3). (2) ” What are the nursing implications of this investigation (for practice and/or future research)? (2) Step 3: Critically Analyze the Research Investigation (40 points) After reviewing the research report for a basic understanding of how the study was carried out, you will next critically analyze the study itself to determine its potential usefulness to inform nursing practice. As part of this analysis, you need to determine the quality/rigor of the investigation. You can do this by answering some key questions about the integrity with which they sampled participants, measured variables, etc.

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