(ANSWERED) HLT362 : Topic 2 DQ 2


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Using the research article selected for DQ 1, identify three key questions you will ask and answer when reading the research study and why these questions are important. When responding to peers, provide other questions and answers that could be considered in relation to the peers? studies.n


nHello professor and class,nnWhen reading the research study under the title ?Patients? Perceptions of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Care Bundle (PUPCB) in Hospital: A Qualitative Descriptive Study to Guide Evidence-Based Practice,? there will be three questions. The first question will be to answer the motivation of the authors to pursue the study. The authors were motivated to understand the perceptions of patients of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Care Bundle (PUPCB) that they developed (Roberts et al., 2017). PUPCB was developed because of the burden that pressure ulcers have on patients as well as hospitals. The authors wanted to know whether eating a healthy diet, looking after owns skin, and keeping moving could help in the reduction of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.nnThe second question will be????.

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