(ANSWERED) HIST310 Discussion : Board 6 ? Urban Culture


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nnIn this module we will be addressing the topic of urban culture.? By the end of this module you should know the following:n


  • ?Describe the characteristics of mass popular culture that developed in European cities in the late nineteenth century
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  • ?Explain the connection between urban infrastructure,?urban life, and mass culture in European cities
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nDiscussion QuestionnnBased on your exploration of this week?s readings, videos, and sources, how did the urban physical environment contribute to the development of mass culture at the end of the nineteenth century?? Which aspect of mass culture do you think was most revolutionary?? Why???Choose a primary source to support your answer.??Include a link to the source and explain in your post how/why this source supports your conclusion.? Post a question to at least one classmate?s post and respond as indicated in the schedule.n


nHello classnnThe industrial revolution changed the urban landscape during the 19th?century and especially so at the end of the century. This is because availability of jobs in urban centers as a result of new technology and production techniques led to rapid urbanization which resulted to increased populations in urban cities thus changing social demographics. As more people moved to cities, they began to spend more money on entertainment thereby contributing to the development of mass culture.nnI believe that popular music was the aspect of mass culture that was most revolutionary at the end of the 19th?century. This is because it gave rise to development of comfortable music halls and theatres which led to the???.nn

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