(ANSWERED) HIST310 Discussion : Board 5 City as National Monument


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In this module we will be addressing the topic of the city as national symbol.? By the end of this module you should know the following:n


  • ?Explain how nationalism shaped capital cities in nineteenth-century Europe.
  • n

  • ?Explain how European cities became representations of colonial and imperial power.
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nDiscussion QuestionnnFind a picture of a national monument or iconic structure (other than the Eiffel Tower) constructed in the nineteenth or twentieth century in a European city.? Include the image in your post.? When was the structure created?? Under what circumstances?? What message about the nation or city do you think the monument conveys?? Post a question to at least one classmate?s post and respond as indicated in the schedule.n


nHello class,nnFor this discussion, I selected The Great Exhibition whose image is shown below.nnnnThe Great Exhibition or in full The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was a structure whose construction work began in 1 August 1850, whereby an international exhibition took place in London from 1 May to 15 October 1851 (Picard, 2009). The Great Exhibition was an idea of Prince Albert (Queen Victoria?s husband), and it was built under circumstances characterized by peace in Britain and competition between Britain and France as to who was the industrial leader. In fact, Prince Albert maintained that?????????.

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