(Answered) Discuss the validity and reliability of THE GLASGOW COMA SCALE.


(Answered) Discuss the validity and reliability of THE GLASGOW COMA SCALE.

You are required to comply with the word limits on your assignments, and to follow the guidance on referencing and plagiarism in the HWSC assessment guidance. TMA 02 Question Write an essay in which you discuss the validity and reliability of a chosen assessment tool used in your field of practice. Your notes and learning from Activities 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7 will be useful as you prepare this assignment. Guidance Preparation and writing of your essay Before you commence TMA 02, reflect on the feedback for TMA 01 you received from your tutor. If you need further guidance, contact your tutor to discuss how you can improve your academic writing skills for TMA 02. Make a note of the areas you need to further develop. Ensure that any suggested changes from your tutor are incorporated into TMA 02. Choose an assessment tool, for example, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale for mental health nursing students and Glasgow coma scale for adult nursing students, that is in use in your own area of practice. You need to choose a tool that has been formally reviewed and evaluated as evidence by published papers. Discussion with your tutor will help you decide on a tool. Using at least one relevant database, for example, British Nursing Index (BNI) or CINAHL, conduct a literature search using the advanced search technique for articles specifically related to your chosen tool. Consider how the use of the chosen tool enhances the assessment of people in your care and informs your decision making. Remember that it is always better to paraphrase and write in your own words when referring to the work of the authors. You do not need to include the tool itself as an appendix. *** MY ASSESSMENT TOOL CHOICE IS THE GLASGOW COMA SCALE***

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