(Answered) Creating a Safe Environment PowerPoint Presentation


(Answered) Creating a Safe Environment PowerPoint Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to educate you on the warning signs and symptoms of various, but related abuse types. Statistics on abuse are quite honestly, brutal. How much of it can be prevented or stopped early if certain warning signs are more commonly known and more easily identified? We have to what to look for, if we are to empower ourselves and others to fight abuse. Create a PowerPoint presentation that dedicates a minimum of 5 slides for each of the following types of abuse; Elder, Child, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence. There will be a total of 22 slides. The first slide should be an intro with your name, date, course, etc. The last slide should be your references/works cited. Please include the following slides for each abuse type listed above: Definition Warning signs Symptoms Common causes (contributing factors) A list of appropriate community resources(local, state, national) to which you can refer victims.

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