(Answered) Community Assessment for Collier county PowerPoint presentation


(Answered) Community Assessment for Collier county PowerPoint presentation

Criteria for Community Assessment Presentation This is a Power Point Presentation NOT a Paper Component Comments A. Introduction/Purpose B. The Community: • Windshield assessment overview • Useful data: o Demographic: race, age, gender, ethnicity o Household income average, education level o Vital statistics: number of births, infant deaths, marriages, and deaths (deaths main causes) o Epidemiologic County Health Profile o 3 reportable and infectious diseases, 3 Behavioral risk factors, one Health Resource, 3 selected causes of death C. Identify Actual or potential health problem D. Healthy People 2020 • Choose one Objective relating to the health problem 20 points A. Analysis of data collected: a. socio-economic c. cultural d. religious dimensions e. Community resources: health care delivery system, health resources, grocery stores, transportation, ect d. Community factors such as weather, traffic, housing, education level, land use, schools etc. that relate to health problem being addressed 20 points List 3 community health nursing diagnosis/diagnoses based on identified health problem 10 points Action Plan to address community Health Problem A. Nursing intervention/s recommended B. Describe how to implement plan to address problem C. How will the plan be accomplished, who is the target audience, location, when will the plan be implemented 20 points A. Professional delivery B. Creativity, readability clear, complete C. Ability to generate and answer questions D. Reference citations in APA format 20points Total (80 points needed for passing) 100% /100 points Format for Community Assessment Presentation Each Student will be required to present a power point presentation of 15-20 slides identifying an actual or potential health problem that has nursing implications in the community that was assessed. After the windshield overview, synthesize the data and then explore Healthy People 2020 Topics and Objectives and identify a health problem. Create a plan of action and describe the actual implementation and how the project provides a service to the community. Follow the “Criteria for Community Assessment Presentation”. I suggest picking a topic that is under the County Health profiles. Could be diabetes, hepatitis A, food or waterborne illness/disease, vaccine preventable disease, asthma, cholesterol, cancer, obesity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption ect. You must choose a problem that is affecting your community. Could be a high rate of asthma in children in the community. The community need could be asthma education on care of children with asthma. Each individual student must take a leadership role in presenting the material.

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