(Answered) Clinical Decision Support Systems and Electronic Health Records


(Answered) Clinical Decision Support Systems and Electronic Health Records

Note: assignment is week 1 of 8. Each week builds on the same topic to compile the final paper in week 8. I prefer to only have one writer to write my paper. I will be able to provide the writing assignments in advance (I have instructions for all 8 weeks). If unable to meet these requirements please let me know. Access the Getting Started folder in this module for the assigned readings for the week. After you complete the reading assignment, complete this homework assignment. ****I will attach the lectures***** Assignment: Set up an interview with the leadership in your healthcare organization (if you do not work in a healthcare organization, identify such an organization and set up an appointment to do interviews for the assignment–you may interview via email if those are the stakeholders’ preferences). Identify a technology that has been implemented or is to be implemented. Identify and then interview key stakeholders, focusing on the processes of implementing new technology into their organization, and the difficulties of doing so. This information will be utilized in developing a case study of the application of a new technology in the environment. Report on the interviews and key findings at the end of Week 2 in a 2-3 page paper, APA format.

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