Analyzing Published Research”. What variable was this method used to measure?


 Give one example of a data collection method used in one of the studies identified in your Unit 5 project “Analyzing Published Research”. What variable was this method used to measure? 

What is the type of instrument used to collect data in your study? Is it consistent with the type of research (quantitative or qualitative) being reported in the article? 

Writing Requirements

1 full page

in text citations

References (the two articles for the paper)

APA format

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rua capstone evidence based paper

unit 7 rua evidence-based practice change group project

How can variables be measured?
What is a measurable variable?
How do you measure variables in quantitative research?
What type of measurement scale is used for each of the variables?

level of measurement

nominal variable

types of variables

ordinal variable

interval variable

what is the level of measurement for each of the following variables

scales of measurement